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After taking COMMUNAL MANAGEMENT office accounts for:
A) For the propriety to build
B) To ensure the upkeep of all common parts of the building
C) For your propriety of building
D) For the implementation of procedures for the proper operation from the building, according to the regulation set by each

Specifically, the work that is required by the communal organization clients are applying for the correct operation of apartments:
1.The examining the condition of buildings as well as the repair or maintenance
2.The control of oil during the winter season and to ensure that the building isn't left without heating
3.On blocks the central heating is the agency monitors compliance with the time of heating. Time decide in a general meeting
4.The payment of most public accounts, therefore it can function properly building (electricity, water bodies, etc.)
5.The payment of repair work carried out within the building (blockages etc.)
6.The signing an agreement with a specialist company for the lift, control the maintainer with the elevator and the correct use of the work and the payment of
7.O look into the correct application of the cleanliness of the building
8.The VERSION COMMUNAL every month
9. The performance of the evidence in each apartment separately
10.The gathering of money in the tenancy, from the residents of the apartment building
11.The overall meeting whenever required